Application Process


Complete the Application – see link.


Create an Account

Send copies of the following to OLH, (or upload them during the application process):

  • Final school report card  or transcript for last completed semester
  • Standardized test scores from previous school year
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Birth certificate and social security card

Take the High School Placement Test (incoming 9th grade applicants only).

Successfully complete the 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade or its equivalent.

Applicants will be contacted by a school representative concerning acceptance to OLH.


Non-Discrimination Policy

Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School admits students of any race or national origin to programs and activities of the school with all rights and privileges. Equal opportunity and access is provided to persons without regard to race, national origin or gender in the implementation of employment policies and procedures.


Student Insurance

The officials of the school cannot assume responsibility for injuries sustained by students.  OLH has a secondary student insurance plan which provides partial compensation for incurred expenses in excess of the compensation provided by other insurance or medical payment plans.  Claims covered by other plans must first be filed with the other plans before benefits due from the school insurance can be determined.  If the medical treatment is covered under any alternate health service, the treatment must be rendered according to the rules and procedures of that organization to qualify for additional benefits provided by the school policy. Failure to use other benefits or coverage that the insured has or has a right to at the time of the injury may result in disqualification of a claim from the school plan.