Campus Ministry

Copy of IMG_0713Fr. John Riedman

Fr. John is a retired priest who oversees campus ministry at Our Lady of the Hills. In this role, Fr. John presides over masses on campus, travels with athletic teams, and provides spiritual guidance to students, faculty, and staff.



At Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School campus ministry begins on campus with students planning and participating in liturgies held in the chapel. Bi-weekly masses are the responsibility of each class on a rotating basis. The classes are responsible for cantoring, lectoring, altar serving, and providing the music. Liturgies are also attended off campus or held more often on campus for special occasions such as Holy Week or the Thanksgiving Basket Drive Prayer Service. This portion of campus ministry is an opportunity for the students, staff, and faculty to celebrate and be thankful as one body.


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Campus Ministry extends beyond the OLH campus. The educational mission of service to others is accomplished through community service projects. As part of their graduation requirements, students must accumulate a minimum of 100 hours of community service by the end of his/her senior year, although many of the students surpass this mark. OLH prepares students to pursue truth, to give compassionate service to others and is committed to independent thought and respect for divergent opinions. Whatever your personal beliefs, you’ll appreciate our values-centered approach to education that embraces the whole person.

The students participate in many service projects as part of the campus ministry portion of the Hawk Life. Each class does several projects together throughout the year including the annual Thanksgiving basket drive that supports local food banks. Students shop and deliver perishable and non-perishable items to less-fortunate families in the surrounding communities. Students also work with those in need at service days at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in San Antonio and with various Church food banks both locally and in the San Antonio area. Other projects the students partake in over the school year are the Notre Dame Catholic School Festival, the 6th Grade Retreat, and Christmas Caroling at the Veteran’s Hospital. There are also many other all school opportunities that arise throughout the year and that students elect to pursue on their own.

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Student and Faculty Retreats

Each class embarks on a class retreat at the beginning of the school year. During these retreats the students discuss personal as well as group goals for the year. In addition, class retreats are used as a time to bond with one another and with faith. The retreats are overnight and are held at Camp Honey Creek.

The faculty retreat is held on the OLH campus annually. This retreat is used as an opportunity to increase faculty cohesion and ensure each school activity is pursued For the Greater Glory of God.


Living Stations

Each Lenten Season Our Lady of the Hills participates in a reenactment of the Passion of the Christ. The Living Stations are enacted on the OLH campus by the senior class for the students, faculty, and staff.