Dress Code

The Dress Code

While students are expected to maintain a standard of good manners and courtesy in their behavior at OLH, they are also expected to maintain that same standard in their dress. School uniforms are worn to unify and identify OLH students.

Uniform Khaki slacks, shorts, and skirts are available for purchase from Parker School Uniforms in San Antonio. Uniform shirts and jackets are available from Sew What in Kerrville.

Students are obligated to wear complete uniforms on all school days while on campus.

Permanent or temporary tattoos, including epidermal ink drawings, are not acceptable.

Rules concerning jewelry, hats, shoes, socks, and the grooming code can be found in the student handbook.


Mass Day Dress Code

OLH white uniform oxford shirts must be worn on these days. In addition, girls must wear skirts and boys must wear slacks.

Mass Dress Code 003

Spirit Day Dress CodeIMG_2245

On most Thursdays, students are allowed to wear an official school t-shirt and blue jeans. Short jeans are not allowed. Jeans must be neat and hemmed. No jeans with tears, holes, rips or frays are permitted. Jeans must be fitted at the waist, so that the pants’ waistband is not around the student’s hip area.


Parker OLH Uniform Link

Items purchased from Parker should be brought to Sew What (Kerrville) for the approved monograming.

Lands Ends OLH Uniform Link

Lands End will automatically monogram all shirts and jackets.

 OLH Dress Code Updated 6-9-16