Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Due to the generosity of a number of OLH benefactors, the school is able to reduce the cost of tuition for students who are unable to pay full tuition but who are otherwise eligible for admission.

Scholarship funds and foundations have been set up either by individuals or by families to provide scholarships for deserving students.

According to the terms of the scholarship fund, the primary requisite for granting either full or partial scholarships is financial inability to pay full tuition.

The scholarship (full or partial) is administered as follows:

1.  The student must be accepted to OLH.
2.   The parent or guardian should complete the financial assistance application, which must be filed immediately following acceptance.  From our website, click the Application Process Tab, then click on the link for the application.  Once there, click the FACTS Financial Aid tab.
3.  The scholarship grant must be certified in writing by the Principal of OLH.
4. The recipient of financial assistance must consent to accept a work assignment to compensate OLH, in whole or part, as a condition for assistance.  Failure to complete this work assignment will result in the loss of the tuition payment.