Who We Are

community-serviceSchool Motto

Our two school mottos hail from the two Catholic religious orders whose educational philosophies and examples inspired the founding of Our Lady of the Hills Regional Catholic High School. Although OLH is not formally affiliated with either order, both congregations represent traditions of educational excellence, deep Christian faith, and moral integrity for which we strive.

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” : For the Greater Glory of God

“Veritas”: Truth


OLH Alma Mater

Our Lady of the Hills,
We hold your banner high
For all the world to see
God’s Spirit in our eyes.IMG_2289

Dear alma mater,
Day by day you teach
Faith, hope and charity
Ideals for which we reach.

And when we face temptation,
The truth will make us strong,
And help us to remember
To whom our hearts belong.

Our Lady of the Hills
As each new day begins,
May God’s grace go with us
Until we meet again.