Students bring home 31 awards and place 4th in TAPPS 3A State Competitions

March and April have been busy for OLH students competing in TAPPS 3A State music, academic and art competitions. OLH placed 4th overall in a field of eighteen schools. The following is a list of awards:

Persuasive Speaking     Emily Giedeman          1st

Spelling                Lea Cantu               1st

Mathematics             Victoria Kitzman        1st

Calculator              Sydney Graf             1st

Photography-Color       Emma Soth               1st

Original Oratory        Emily Giedeman          2nd

Number Sense            Chandlin Hale           2nd

Ready Writing           Lea Cantu               3rd

Lincoln-Douglas Debate  Emily Giedeman          3rd (tie)

Current Events & Issues Caeden Moody            3rd

Literary Criticism      Lea Cantu               4th

Duet Acting             Ashley Juenke/ Joey Wagner       4th

Art History             China Hale              4th

Lincoln-Douglas Debate  Veronica Rodriguez      5th (tie)

Advanced Math           Alain Peralt            5th

Photography-Color       Kayla Buck              5th

Poetry interpretation   Abigail Spino           5th

Duet Acting             Rylee Coldwell/Shay Smith        7th

Science                 Alain Peralt            7th

Persuasive Speaking     Jack Pautler            7th

Social Studies          Eva Neuman              7th

Spanish                 Yanet Vazquez           8th

Poetry interpretation   Elyse Giedeman          8th

Photography-Black&White Sydney Fallon           8th

Ob-site Drawing         Justina Sanchez-Borjas  HM

On-site Drawing         Nikos Lambdin           HM

Solo String-Violin      Chris Bowser            #1 Rating

Solo String-Violin      Emily Cardenas          #1 Rating

Solo Vocal- Male        Andrew Lockwood         #1 Rating

Solo Vocal- Female      Abigail Spino           #1 Rating

Solo-Vocal-Female       Madison Merryman        #1 Rating